Give Yourself or a Child the Gift of Piano Lessons


Why Do We Love Music?

Studies have shown that just listening to music has an enormous positive impact on the brain. Learning to play an instrument and to read music as well offer even greater benefits.

Taking piano lessons teaches memorization and the whole new language of musical notation. It also improves fine motor skills and reveals the rewards of self-discipline through practice.

These beneficial aspects of studying piano also complement the ability to communicate emotions and moods and connect us to our own mental states, enhancing our quality of life. By studying the piano, we step onto a path of lifetime enrichment.

Give yourself or a child the gift of music lessons. Step onto this rewarding path and make your life healthier and happier today!

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Children's Program

My program is designed to teach foundational skills to young children starting between the ages of 4-13 years old. Each child is given a 30-minute lesson which consists of the following:

Teaching, Learning, Creative Time and above all Fun!

Call today for a free introductory session.



Adult Program

Is learning to play the piano on your “Bucket List”?

If it is, I congratulate you for wanting to learn something new, challenging, and fun!

I am now teaching adults how to enjoy learning to play the piano, either for the first time, or revisiting this instrument after many years of interest and lessons. If you have found yourself saying "I wish I'd never given up on playing the piano," then my program may be for you.

Please call today to set up your free introductory lesson; you won't believe how much easier, clearer, and more enjoyable modern methods have made learning to play the piano at any age.

Start today by making your “Bucket Wish List” come True!

You will be amazed at how much fun you are going to have!

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I have two daughters, ages 8 and 13, that attend Susan Carter's music school. The instruction and enthusiasm that Miss Susan has instilled in my children is admirable. Both are eager to learn more and (miracle upon miracle), practice too! They have attended since January 2018, and after only five months, are quite accomplished and also read music fluently. These are gifts that will last them a lifetime. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan, and I'm grateful to her for instilling a love and appreciation of music in my daughters.
--K. Pedersen, Nokomis, Florida

Susan has fostered the musical talent within my son. Not only does he love to go to lessons with Susan but he is excited to practice at home. He says that she is the nicest piano teacher ever!
--Upper School Educator,
Island Village Montessori School, Venice, Florida

I have had many opportunities to observe Susan Carter in action during her after school piano lessons held in my music classroom here at Island Village Montessori School. You will not find a more caring, dedicated instructor for your child. The combination of Ms Carter's attention to detail and her tailored individualized instruction results in a joyful musical experience for her students. I unhesitatingly recommend her as a piano teacher for children of any age.
--Jamie Marshall, Fine Arts Coordinating Director
Island Village Montessori School, Venice, Florida

Dear Parents,
Your child is in good hands with Ms. Susan, a music teacher who spends quality time and attention with her students. She accurately assesses her students' starting point and from there builds confidence and strength. Susan uses a variety of fun methods to teach music theory to her young learners.
--Educator, Music and Fine Arts, Venice, Florida

Vito left very excited about his lesson today. He doesn't get excited about too many of these things we have tried so this is a small miracle! Thank you for that!
He & his sister just got a keyboard for Christmas that he had a lot more interest in than I expected. This prompted the sign up for lessons.
--T. Pellicano, Parent

I truly appreciate all the effort you put in to helping me learn to play!
--K. Matthews, Adult Student

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